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Welcome to Project 2020!

This year footballkitbox is aiming to revolutionise the kit world and make a positive effect on the environment while doing so. We are looking for 20 dynamic, progressive clubs to be part of this fantastic project so get in touch soon to confirm if this is for you!

As you may know the fashion industry is the 4th largest contributor to pollution and waste issues currently facing our planet. We live in an age of fast fashion that is churning out more clothes than ever before to a population that is ever increasing. We are also producing a European average of 30 kilos of plastic waste per person per year according to some studies with food and drink packaging making up to 60-70% of this figure. This is creating untold damage to our seas and other eco systems. I live on the west coast of Ireland and often walk the shore dismayed as waves of plastic waste wash up on the shore having spent months or years polluting the marine eco system.

Enough is enough.

We can campaign and lobby all we like and the tide is definitely turning but the easiest thing is to change is ourselves.
So a few months ago I decided to start looking at a way I can make a small difference and found a groundbreaking solution.
I found a supplier that makes Eco- Kits from recycled plastic bottles! Intrigued, I took a closer look.

Plastic bottles are taken from landfill and a polyester thread is produced. That thread in turn is used in the normal fashion to create a football shirt that looks and feels almost the same as whats on the market at present. Each shirt will re use at least 16 plastic bottles in production AND will create a shirt that in turn can be recycled itself!


This was what I was looking for. An idea I can row behind.


I set about researching and costing the project when I had the good fortune to get talking to Hope & Glory Sportswear who had just launched their own Eco Kit range .So it made perfect sense to partner up and also gives us way more possibilities.


I’m delighted to announce our partnership with Hope & Glory Sportswear who will¬† be our official supplier for #project2020¬†


Hope & Glory are killing it in kit world at the moment so if you decided to get involved,you can be guaranteed quality kit, cutting edge design AND  your team will directly be responsible for taking at least 300 bottles out of landfill!Check out the process here in more detail !

Design is very important to us here at footballkitbox so don’t worry you will be guaranteed an absolute worldie of a kit! We currently work with two of the foremost kit designers on the planet AJ and Gus – check out their designs here to get a flavour of what’s in store for you!

AJ –

Gus –¬†


The cost of each shirt is expected to be in the region of ¬£25/‚ā¨27 (full kit 33¬£/‚ā¨36) each but if more than 20 teams get involved then maybe¬† we can bring the cost down. We will discuss shipping and any other options with the finalised teams but I will endeavour to keep costs as low as possible. 20 teams involved will take a whopping 6,400 plastic bottles out of landfill!And if we can get more teams on board I think 10,000 is achievable.

This wonderful project is open to everyone no matter the size of the club and will reverberate around the world providing great exposure for your club  and community.If you would like to be part of Project 2020 please fill in the form below to register your interest or share it with your local club.

One step at a time 

Thanks for reading 




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